Aquatic Originals Taxidermy by
David Wooddell, Sr., Wildlife Artist

A pair of green-winged teal on a custom painted display.

17-inch, White Crappie reproduction mount on a standard wall display.


Habitat Mounts Are Optional
BIRDS (standard wall or table mount) Base Price
Dove 225.00
Ducks265.00 and up
Geese 350.00 and up
Greater Canada geese 495.00 and up
Ringnecked Pheasant 295.00
Quail 195.00 and up
Turkey 650.00 and up
Turkey - Shoulder Mount 375.00 and up
Turkey - Tail and Beard on Panel 185.00 and up
Turkey - Tail, Beard and Wings on Panel 275.00 and up
FISH Priced Per Linear Inch with a $150.00 minimum
On Driftwood or Artificial Rock Wall Mount Pedestal 360 degrees
Reproductions 18.00 p.l.i. 25.00 p.l.i.
Skin mounts (Largemouth, Spotted, or Smallmouth Bass) 14.50 p.l.i.
Antler Mounts on Panel - NO European Style - Whitetail, Mule, and other deer
Buckskin Leather or Velvet 75.00 and up
Original Scalp 85.00 and up
Life-size Small Mammal Mounts on standard table or wall mount base. Habitat bases are optional.
Gray Squirrel 375.00 and up
Fox Squirrel 385.00 and up

Call for pricing on any items not listed.
Custom habitat design is our specialty.
Ask about our many other options to make your mount unique.
Deposit required before work will begin.
Balance is due upon completion.
Any item not picked up after 30 days will be charged 1% per day storage fee.
Any item not picked up after 90 days becomes the property of Aquatic Originals to be legally utilized as we see fit.
Hunting/Fishing license and signature are required on all bird and skin mounted fish work, regardless of species.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Two wood ducks mounted for a fellow DU Committee member. The frame with the photo background makes a great option over your standard driftwood mounts.

A simple combination water and standard habitat gives this bird that touch of realism that we strive for in recreating God's creatures.

Arctic grayling - an 18-inch pedestal habitat showing both sides, and the realism that we put into our reproduction mounts. Notice the color highlights change when the sunlight hits it from a different angle.
We look forward to showing you what Taxidermy Art can be.

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Last updated September 10, 2018

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