Aquatic Originals, Fish and Bird Taxidermy by
David Wooddell, Sr., Wildlife Artist

Items for sale - "If you have the fish story, we can do the mount to back it up."

Our reproduction fish mounts all have accurate, molded mouths (except on closed mouth mounts), THIN, lifelike, translucent, flexible fins, and come from molds cast from a real fish, not a mass-produced machine carved facsimile. Thus, our scale detail is true to life, as is the mount itself from your photograph.

24 inches long, 18.25 inch girth, largemouth bass replica in a framed underwater scene. $495.00

17.5 inches long, 14.25 inch girth, 3lb., 3oz. White Crappie replica in a framed underwater scene with lure. $395.00

10 inches long, 10.5 inch girth, Bluegill replica in a framed underwater scene. $205.00

23 inches long, 12.25 inch girth, gill brown trout replica on a one of a kind artificial rock panel. $460.00

26 inches long, 14 inch girth, 6lb. 4oz. open gill rainbow trout replica on a one of a kind artificial rock panel. $520.00

Let us make you a custom business card holder featuring a small bluegill (like this one), other sunfish, or crappie reproduction, starting at $175.00 for a pedestal mount, both sides are finished.

We can buy pen-raised quail and pheasants that can be mounted and legally sold, such as this ringnecked pheasant at $375.00.

Basic price list Other items quoted on request.

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