Aquatic Originals Taxidermy by
David Wooddell, Sr., Wildlife Artist

David and fiberglass mount of a 36-pound king salmon from the Unalakleet River. 1990


Richardson's Canada goose I mounted in 1985 for my dad the year before he passed. It is in good shape for having spent 20 years out in the garage.

White-fronted goose (aka specklebelly) taken in Arkansas December 2016 for a customer.

Another view of the same bird.

Ross's goose in a rice stubble habitat.

Closeup of the head.

Flushing ringnecked pheasant wall mount.

A ringnecked pheasant flushes from a fencerow. The pose was from a photo provided by the customer. From South Dakota.

A ringnecked pheasant pauses to survey his territory. From South Dakota.

A young man's first duck - green-winged teal drake in a custom splash scene.

A different angle of the same mount.

A different angle of the same mount.

A pair of mallards on a piece of wood chosen by the customer. This is what flushing looks like. From a David Maass print.

A mallard drake coming in fast on an oak branch as he was taken in flooded oak timber. On display at The Hair Depot Barber Shop in Bullard, Texas.

Taking off wall mount with flared wingtips.

A hooded merganser drake on a small habitat base.

A hooded merganser drake on an oak limb.

A pair of Green-winged teal on a painted background. The marsh scene is an original work of art, and the first time I attempted painting anything similar with a brush in 30 years.

This marsh scene was planned, and makes a nice backdrop for this ringnecked drake. I think I will work on the one with the teal some more. Right behind the right wing is a little clump, representing an old duck blind. If you look close, you can see the framework.

This is what I really wanted to do. Take a photo of your hunting area, or one similar, and we will have it made into a framed poster as a background making your mount truly unique.

A drake woodduck on a habitat base with a simple water effect for a fellow DU committe member.

A pair of woodducks in fast flight on customer's own wood.

A drake woodduck on a limb, stretching.

A drake woodduck on a limb, standing.

A pair of buffleheads on an artificial rock ledge.

A young drake wigeon on another rock mounted on the wall.

A drake gadwall on an oak limb. Note the open mouth, and tongue detail.

A pair of greenwinged teal on a wall-mounted rock.

A young drake shoveler on the wing. Another trophy that is not prime, but with added touches to make it look realistic. Check the curl in the wingtips denoting the air pressure of the downbeat.

A drake wood duck and drake gadwall in the popular dead game pose. The base is another option available over and above the standard mount.


24-inch Largemouth bass replica on driftwood.

More photos of the 24-inch 9-lb Largemouth bass replica mounts from the same mold displayed in a picture frame habitat. While one fish gave its life, we made the mold, which can make dozens of copies. This is why a color photo helps - no two bass are exactly alike. The better camera makes a big difference.


39-inch redfish reproduction from the customer's photo and closeup of the head.

25.5 inch 14-8 Largemouth bass replica mount on driftwood from the early Lone Star Lunker Program. The reproduction was molded from an intact fish.

38-inch arctic char on habitat base with caribou antler.

28-inch chum salmon and a 24-inch pink salmon on artificial rock.

18-inch pink salmon.

41-inch king salmon beginning to turn its red spawning phase.

26-inch rainbow trout on artificial rock.

16-inch rainbow trout on artificial rock panel.

17-inch white crappie on driftwood.

12-inch black crappie on driftwood.

24-inch brown trout on artificial rock.

23-inch brook trout in picture frame habitat.

10.5-inch bluegill in picture frame habitat.


Pronghorn Antelope mounted in 1985.

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